America's 83,000 + PTOs and PTAs are responsible for $4, 000,000,000 (BILLION) in spending each year!

Whether you're a new volunteer to your school's organization or a seasoned pro, it is important that each person accept an active role within the group to enhance and support you school. The ability to reach and connect to individuals and businesses in your community makes a significant impact on your efforts to enrich the experiences for the students in your school. Falter Fund Raising has been partnering with schools to support these efforts for many years.

We are proud to say that notonly are we focused on fund raising for entire schools, but we have decade's worth of experience working closely with groups within the school to reach their financial goals as well.

Religious Organizations

According to the federal database at for grants to faith-based groups, the federal government handed out over $140,000,000 (million) dollars of stimulus money to religious organizations!

The Statement above is a staggering statistic; however, what are most organizations to do if they are not fortunate enough to receive federal stimulus money? The answer: FUNDRAISE!!!!!

At Falter Fund Raising, we have not received and stimulus money, and therefore we are strong supporters of partnering with all religious organizations to raise the necessary funds to meet your financial goals! We have provided organizations with our items that will raise much needed funds, while maintaining an image and reputation that reflects your commitment to world health, environmental sustainability, education, and social awareness among your members.

Sports Teams

According to a recent study performed by the NCAA, "only 1/5 of 1% of college student athletes will play their sport professionally".

As we know, many school districts and athletic clubs continue to face budget cuts. Unfortunately, the cost of running sports programs continue to rise. These cuts, which deeply affect many school athletic programs, are now faced with the burden of finding ways to raise funds.

The Solution: Team up with Falter Fund Raising!

Falter Fund Raising has successfully teamed up with athletic departments, individual teams, coaches, booster clubs, and recreational leagues to help meet their financial goals off the field, while they took care of business on the field.

We have a sincere appreciation for your time with your players, members, etc., and that is why we are happy to come to you in order to organize, prepare, and launch your next fundraiser.

We have found that motivation is one of the most important elements to a successful fund raiser, and that is why we enjoy working so closely with athletic organizations. By developing a relationship with Falter Fund Raising, your athletes/participants will immediately reap the benefits of a successful fund raiser. New uniforms, training camps, award banquets, travel costs, and any other expenses can be greatly reduced as a result of a successful fund raiser.

Remember:The most important part of any fund raising program is teamwork!


According to the National Cancer Institute (NCI), for the fiscal year (FY) 2010, the federal government allotted 5.1 BILLION DOLLARS from the federal budget, PLUS another 1.3 BILLION DOLLARS from the federal stimulus package for cancer research!

Whether you are raising money for cancer research or your Boys Scouts of America troop, each group is responsible for raising money for a cause. Each achievement for your cause cannot succeed entirely on the effort of just one (1) or two (2) people, but rather the entire team or group working together.

Successful fund raisers for these causes are constantly changing. Therefore, it is essential to combine your passion and creativity with the proper fund raising company to achieve your goals.

At Falter Fund Raising we dedicate our resources to ensure that we can assist in those creative ideas to maximize your organizations profits. No matter how big or small you may feel your fund raiser may be, by partnering with Falter Fund Raising, you can count on us to provide the necessary tools for success.

If you are not in our local delivery area, please call our toll free number, 1-800-822-3491, for a distributor near you.

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