Gummi Candy

Did you know?

Did you ever wonder how confectioners make those tiny characters? The gummi manufacturing process is a long procedure that begins with artists for the manufacturer’s company.

Artists start with a character sketch and then carve it into tiny plaster molds. Then machines duplicate the mold and the duplicates are run through a starch powder machine to produce starch powder mold pans. In the factory, candy makers pour ingredients into large boilers. Some of the ingredients include gelatin, sugar and glucose syrup. The ingredients are heated together and constantly stirred by large paddles. Colors and flavorings are added to give the gummi snacks their distinct look and taste. Next, pipes transfer the mixture to the production area. Nozzles are used to squeeze the mix on to the starch boards where it is left for three to five days. Afterward, beeswax is added to make the candy shiny and less sticky. The gummi candies are finally moved to a packaging machine and are ready to ship.

Sour versions of the gummi candy are created by adding a textured sour flavoring to the confection.

Main Street Sweet Shoppe Variety pack contains 52 packs per box and includes Sour Jacks – 14 count (2.85 oz.), Sour Jacks Watermelon – 14 count (2.85 oz.), SQWorms – 12 count (2.85 oz), and Gummi Bears – 12 count (2.85 oz).

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