Mother’s Day Chocolate Fundraiser Ideas

Mother’s Day is next week. It’s a wonderful time to have a Mother’s Day fundraiser to honor mothers in the community. Mothers are caring and selfless when it comes to being good caregivers to their children.


A chocolate fundraiser for mother’s day can help you put a smile on your mom’s face and give back to the community your mother loves.


As a reliable family caregiver, a mom is a valued person who puts her family and community before her own needs.


A chocolate fundraiser is a great Mother’s Day fundraiser for supporting moms going through difficult times such as a medical crisis or financial challenge.


Here are Mother’s Day Fundraisers you can try today:


  • A gourmet bake sale. Falter Fundraising has gourmet cookie dough and pizza available for your Mother’s Day fundraiser event.
  • Ice cream social with gourmet candy bar sales. People have a hard time turning down chocolate and ice cream.
  • Have a Mother’s Day brunch or dinner fundraiser. Sell pizzas, cookie dough and chocolate fundraiser packages to guests. Teach them how to make quick dinners. A pizza night fundraiser can never go wrong.
  • Have a chocolate candy raffle at your Mother’s Day fundraiser. Candy grams and chocolate candy bars are great mother’s day gifts to sell to moms in the community.


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