Improving Your Sales Pitch

As we have alluded to in previous posts, like How to be a Better Door-to-Door Salesman, fund raising ultimately comes down to sales. But students, athletes, and parishioners are not salespeople. So in order to improve your fundraiser’s productivity and effectiveness, it is important to give your little sales force a crash course in sales techniques.

Perhaps the most important attention-grabbing tool a salesperson can utilize is a well formalized and rehearsed sales pitch.

You have a short time to inform your potential buyer and get them excited about your product. If you tell too much people will only get confused or misinterpret your information or even get it completely wrong. So how can you maximize the effectiveness of your sales pitch?

Less is more: If it takes more than 60 seconds to address your product and its benefits, your potential customer will probably not remember much.

People can only remember 4 things at a time: According to a study of Edward Awh and Edward Vogel people will only remember 4 things at one time. So do not overload your potential client with information from the start. Hit on the product (candy), the purpose of your fundraiser, your affiliation (school, sports team, parish, etc.), and finally price.

So shorten what you have to say. Get down to business right off the bat and do not dance around the subject. You are there to sell.

You may have to practice several different sales pitches before you find one that works. Sales is, after all,  not an exact science, it is a string of trials and errors. So don’t get frustrated if you are not the best salesman (or saleswoman) right away. These things take time.

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How to Improve Your Sales Pitch

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